1. What is Memoripod?

Memoripod is a personal cloud appliance that automatically collects all photos and videos from multiple digital gadgets into a single secure location, making it as easy as possible to store, protect, organize, share, and enjoy those memories.

Once collected in Memoripod, images can be instantly uploaded to one's preferred social network's (Facebook/Flickr) private albums where one can sort, tag, caption, and like those images. This metadata is automatically synched with Memoripod's database. Tagging on Facebook can trigger Memoripod to send the image or video to another Memoripod, in its original resolution. With an Internet or community of Memoripods, sharing originals becomes so simple. Using a proprietary private/secure peer-to-peer protocol, Memoripods also act as backup storage for each other. This allows users to easily create local and geographic backups of their personal libraries.

2. What makes Memoripod different from other solutions?

Compared to other public cloud services available (i.e. Dropbox, Google, iCloud, etc.), Memoripod provides a personal cloud service in a box, making it more secure/private and affordable for 1 terabyte of space (no monthly fees required). No need to go through the tedious process of organizing data associated with using other cloud-based services.

Plus, multiple accounts are supported on the same Memoripod, so it can be used for the whole family. Each member’s account is totally separate and encrypted from each other making it personal per user.

3. Is it secure?

Yes, it’s totally safe! We went the extra mile to ensure your memories are secured. Each account on Memoripod is password protected and all memories are encrypted. Backed up memories - whether to the cloud, another Memoripod, or an external backup drive - are also encrypted. Memories are ALWAYS transferred over secure/encrypted internet connections.

4. Why do i need a Memoripod?

Let’s be real: Whenever we snap photos and videos, organizing files is the LAST thing on our mind. Who really has time to go through and organize all these selfies, vacation pics, #OOTD, and personal files - what more have them printed?! This cycle goes on. The clutter of files becomes chaos you don’t realize until the urge to find a specific memory comes up. Till then, you’re not entirely sure where to look… or worse, you didn’t back it up and it’s lost forever.

When family and friends ask for copies of photos/videos to be shared, save yourself the time and hassle of sorting your files one by one. Relive and share these memories with ease thanks to Memoripod!

No need to worry about forgetting to back up files as well - Memoripod’s got you backed up!

5. Who can use Memoripod?

People who take lots of photos and videos they want to keep forever - from families to professionals to photo enthusiasts.

6. How can i order my own Memoripod ?

When is Memoripod available? Memoripod is currently on beta test stage and will be available in the market by early 2017.

Please send us your contact information meantime here for updates.

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